MH Metallprofil GmbH

Advice, planning, production and assembly according to your individual requirements. We offer a wide range of handicraft services.

We not only offer prefabricated industrial parts, but also individual processing in our own metal construction workshop.

laser cutting

The heart of the machinery is a 4 kW fiber laser cutting system with a 3000×1500 mm shuttle table. We process:

Steel up to 20 mm

Aluminum up to 12 mm

Stainless steel up to 10 mm

Brass up to 10 mm

Copper up to 6 mm

CNC bending

With our press brakes, we have the opportunity to manufacture precise and pressure-free components up to a length of 3000 mm.

Thanks to a large stock of tools, almost any component can be shaped.

Thanks to the networking of cutting and bending processes, outstanding positioning and repeat accuracies are achieved.


Modern welding workstations with clamping devices enable the production of qualitative and quantitative precision assemblies using the WIG MIG MAG processes.

We are certified according to DIN

EN 1090-2 or EN 1090-3 to EXC2.

final assembly

First of all, preparatory activities are the basis for a successful assembly work. We inspect, discuss the assembly process with you and, if necessary, coordinate with other trades.

The modular design and the high degree of prefabrication of our systems enable particularly short assembly times on site, if possible even during ongoing operation.

Drilling, riveting, punching

In addition to machines for manual stand-guided drilling up to 22 mm, we have a RIVSET® punch riveting system, a notching machine with a variable notching angle and two eccentric presses with a pressing force of up to 25 t.

CAD processing

Our CAD software creates and processes digital construction models in .dwg and .dxf format. The advantages of the computer-internal representation of the model consist in the direct dimensioning as well as the transfer of finished CAD models and direct further processing in our production applications.